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The only way to test a new tripod

Shoot the moon!

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Photographic Five #15: Phallic Photographic Phrases

Presneting now, the Five Most Phallic Photographic Phrases:  * Lens length (tied with “Long reach”) * Extension Tubes * Tripod. * Battery Grip * Push/Pull Lens (though, really, “Zoom Lens” would work, too)  And one bonus: * Gitzo Ball Head

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10 Lessons Learned from Photographing the Lunar Eclipse

(This entry was originally posted over at VariousAndSundry.com on 22 Dec 2010.) I woke up at 2:00 a.m. to shoot the lunar eclipse, and learned a few things: 1. Batteries fade quickly in cold temperatures. I can’t complain because I … Continue reading

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