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The iPhone Photo Apps I Use

I have an iPhone 3GS that won’t be upgraded until the iPhone 5 comes out.  Rumors that the new model won’t be released until the fall are, thus, heart-breaking for me.  I’m dying to upgrade my phone’s camera.  I’ve taken … Continue reading

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Testing iPhone HDR Photography

I’m still on an iPhone 3GS, so I need third party apps to do HDR photography with the iPhone.  I use mostly TrueHDR, which had a recent and very exciting update.  At least, I think it’s a recent update. I’m … Continue reading


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iPhone HDR: Snow and Then Sun

On Friday, it snowed. And then the sun tried to come out. So I played briefly with my iPhone 3GS and the TrueHDR app, before loading it into Lightroom for some final editing.  (I shot this through glass, so there … Continue reading

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