Who am I?

Augie De Blieck Jr.  34 years old.  Caucasian male. Kinda tall.  Resident of Wayne, NJ.  Photographer, writer, computer programmer, raconteur.

What do you do?

I am a freelance and event photographer based in Wayne, NJ.  My email is at the bottom of this page if you’re looking for someone to shoot your next event/gathering/concert/function.

What is this blog not?

It’s not a highly-specialized and focused thing where you’ll learn everything and anything there is to know about a certain topic.  Not flashes. Not Canon cameras.  Not HDR.  None of that. You’ll see it on the blog, but I’m not running down a specific topic.

In general, I suppose you could call this blog my “photographic journal.”  As I do something in photography, I plan to write about it here.  As I follow too many blogs, podcasts, and Twitter streams, I’ll have thoughts I’ll put down here.  It’s a photographic coming of age story mixed in with education as we go.

Who is this blog for?

Given what I just wrote above, I’d guess it’s for the average photographer looking to learn more about photography, to see how a peer is doing on his “journey” (Thanks, “Bachelor,” for killing that word for a generation.), and maybe just for entertainment.

What are the regular features?

Pictures: As a holdover from this site’s early beginnings as a Pic A Day thing (365 straight in 2009), I still love showing off some pictures I’ve taken, but now I’m able to talk about them at greater length and share what I learned or what’s so special about them.

Follow Friday: Twitter has a tradition on Fridays of suggesting users for others to follow on Twitter.  I do that on this blog so I can explain why I’m suggesting specific people to follow.

Photographic Five: A series of mostly humorous Top 5 lists, because people love numbered lists on a blog, and many conventions of photography need to be made fun of.

More, likely, is to come.

Haven’t I Seen This Stuff Before?

Some of it, possibly.  I’m in the process of incorporating my photography-related posts from my personal website, VariousAndSundry.com, here.  So if you see something familiar, maybe that’s where you saw it first.

Contact Info?

Email away!

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