Statue of Liberty, August 2016

Everyone’s in front of the Statue of Liberty taking selfies. Walking around behind the Statue afterwards on the way out, I saw where the sun was in the sky and knew I could get this shot if I stood in just. the. right. spot. Thankfully, I didn’t have to walk too far to see what I wanted — the sun shining by the torch.

I only wish I had the time to play with it from subtly different angles, but — well, the rest of the group wouldn’t have understood why I was so excited to take a picture of the State of Liberty’s back – right into the sun. So I took a few shots and ran to catch up. It was about 95 degrees out. I suffered for my art. 😉

Statue of Liberty in silhouette with sun peeking through torch

23mm, f/8, ISO 250, 1/3200s 

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