The Stupidest Kind of Plagiarism

Copying on Twitter is beyond silly. it’s flat out stupid.

Twitter has a tool for that: It’s called a retweet. Find something you find funny that you want to share with your friends? Retweet it! Don’t copy and paste it.

Yes, lots of idiots do that. But it doesn’t make it right, particularly when you end every one of your posts with “Copying makes me sad.”


Also, you don’t need to tweet every day to keep your “brand” alive. Tweet when you have something to say, lest you fall into this trap of copy-and-pasting instead of retweeting so it looks like you have some streak you’re keeping up.

Just damned silly to get yourself in so much trouble like that.

Also, this is the internet. The Internet is a pretty good place to search for text when you copy something verbatim. There’s no place to hide. Regular Expressions beat you to that a loooong time ago.

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