Nellie McKay Preview

Coming soon, from Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ…

Nellie McKay at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ

50mm, f/2.5, ISO 2500, 1/125s

UPDATE: After proper White Balancing, this is what the pic looks like:

Big difference. McKay looks less pink now, to my eye.

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2 Responses to Nellie McKay Preview

  1. Kerr Lockhart says:

    We saw you shooting, and I’m glad to see some of the fruits of your work. You make Mexicali Live look pretty glamorous. Of course NMcK is glamorous to begin with.

  2. augiedb says:

    Thanks, Kerr! Making it look glamorous is all about the lighting; when there’s so little light, you can hide the un-glamorous things pretty easily. 😉

    Got a LOT more pictures yet to come. I think I’ll be posting some of the Lorette Schroth shots tonight, as a matter of fact…

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