Cinderella’s Castle — Long Exposure

Same set-up as yesterday’s picture, taken just a few minutes later. This time, instead of shooting for 1/80s, I went with 29 seconds.

There are imperfections in this picture that “serious” photographers would go crazy in Photoshop fixing. I did clone out one spot, but otherwise didn’t touch anything. If I missed something, that’s on me. I’m not faking the picture.

The reason the lighting doesn’t look like that much brighter is that I clamped down the aperture all the way to f/22 with an ISO of 200. Yesterday’s picture was at 2.8 with an ISO over 2000. I haven’t done the math in my head, but I imagine this pic is brighter, but not by that much.

Cinderella's Castle at DisneyWorld in long exposure

17mm, f/22, ISO 200, 1/29s

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