DisneyWorld Fireworks: Attempt #2, Part 1

DisneyWorld Cinderella's Castle

35mm, f/18, ISO 200, 10s — In retrospect, that tree bothers me a lot more in closeups than it did on the back of the camera that night.

On the second attempt at fireworks, I got to the Magic Kingdom before the Main Street Electrical Parade started at 9:00. I had no interest in it, as I imagine a lot of people don’t. They just sit through it so they can have a good position for the fireworks later in the night. That parade is awful, mind-numbing, worse than Small World-level pap. It’s an impressive display of engineering, I suppose, but that endless loop of music is mind-shattering, and the overall effect is trippier than I care for. And what’s up with the Winnie the Pooh ride, speaking of that? Bad enough it’s in the dark, but then there’s this whole 60s-feeling neon colors under black light stuff that’s supposed to be scary – it’s WINNIE THE FRIGGIN’ POOH, people!

Sorry. Back to fireworks:

I knew I wasn’t going to make it on Main Street or at the Hub, so I went off to the side and set up on one of the bridges to TomorrowLand to the right of the Castle. It meant having to listen to the loudspeaker talking about the Monsters Inc. ride behind me all night, but it was worth it. The bridge was mostly empty when I got there. I took a spot off in a corner, away from the official photographers and the best spots where people stopped frequently to take their pictures in front of the castle. I’m nice like that. And it usually backfires on me.

This was no exception.

I set up my tripod against the railing and starting taking practice shots of the castle. An official photographer wound up setting up her tripod nearby, so I was able to ask her where the fireworks would show up in the sky. She helpfully pointed further right of the castle than I had guessed. So the castle would be off in the small corner, but thankfully I had a 17mm lens to catch it all with. I would manage OK.

DisneyWorld Cinderella's Castle at night

70mm, f/22, ISO 200, 15s — When the castle is lit up in reddish/pinkish/purple, black and white is your only option

To Be Continued. . .

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