DisneyWorld Train Station

Image #2 in a long series of DisneyWorld pictures.  This one was taken at 6:42 one fine morning, before the park opened at 7:00.

This is NOT HDR.

Mickey's train stop at the front of DisneyWorld Magic Kingdom

28mm, f/2.8, ISO 2500, 1/50s

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2 Responses to DisneyWorld Train Station

  1. John Grigas says:

    This is a really terrific shot, my favorite of the group so far (as of 4/17). It’s beautiful on it’s own until you realize that it is the breaking dawn and not dusk. As a WDW fan, that’s probably my favorite time at the Magic Kingdom . . . that early waking hour waiting for the park to open! (Did your family like the opening ceremonies?)

  2. augiedb says:

    Thanks, John. It’s an early favorite from the people I’ve talked with about these pics so far. It’s amazing what the right light can do for a picture. And, yes, the opening ceremonies were fun. My daughter especially liked how everyone up there on the platform was waving directly to her and her alone. 😉

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