Who wants a new toy? I do!

I told my wife that all I want for my birthday is a new piece of electronics gadgetry coming out this month that’s the third generation of its class with a nice high resolution display screen and the capability to take pictures.

She knew I already wanted an iPad 3, but I was really talking about the Canon 5D Mark III. It’s far above my paygrade, but it’s darn pretty. Aside from all the usual insane specs on the thing (6 fps continuous, 22 megapixels, full frame sensor, new chip, new focusing probably), there’s this neat addition:

Another huge plus for filmmakers is the fact that the rear dial becomes touch sensitive during video recording, allowing you to change settings without shaking the camera or introducing clicking noises into your footage.

Ain’t that special?

It’s also more expensive than my monthly mortgage payment. So nevermind.

On the plus side, it makes the iPad look like a cheap birthday present…

But if Canon wants to sponsor this blog for life with a one time payment, I have just the payment idea in mind. . .

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