Rick Springfield: The Lanyard Story

After my last couple of concerts, I picked up a cheap photo pass holder and lanyard off of eBay. I think it cost all of $7, after shipping. The big clear plastic piece lets you slide your pass right in. As a bonus, you can hide business cards, extra memory cards, etc. behind it. I found that the holder was a bit too big to use it seriously for the memory cards. It’s tough to jam my hand into it and grab something like that. But it was good for business cards.

Problem was, I lost mine. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Could have sworn I kept it in my photo bag, but it wasn’t there in the billion pockets of the bag.

I was able to find the second pass holder that came in the pack, but I didn’t have the lanyard to attach it to. This is embarrassing as a guy who used to have a small collection of lanyards from so many comic book conventions over the years.

But I had a black shoe strong, and threaded that through the slot, tied it in a knot behind my neck, and was god to go. I MacGyvered a photo pass holder, and I was so proud.

It worked through the night, and made it easy to show the security guy my pass when he made his usual second song rounds. After that, they left me alone, and I stayed out of everyone’s way to shoot.

The next morning, I found the missing holder and lanyard. In my camera bag. I missed one pocket in the front of the bag. UGH!

A similar thing happened to me a couple months back at the Ana Popovic concert, when I thought I had forgotten my memory cards at home. I’ll save that story for next week, though. . .

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