Rick Springfield: At the Bergen PAC

Rick Springfield at the Bergen PAC, October 2011

Once again, the concert was at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, NJ. That means I get to shoot the first three songs from the front corner of the floor in front of the stage, standing amongst gigantic stacks of speakers. After that, I was allowed to stay, out of the way of the paying guests, thanks, further back. Security checked my pass after the first song, but that’s all I ever heard from them. They spent most of the night keeping middle-aged women from rushing the stage to jump Springfield’s bones, I think.

Springfield was positioned front and center behind a mic stand. The spotlight cast an ugly mic shadow across his chin, so the trick was to attempt to get his picture when he moved just a hair back from the microphone, as often as possible. Two women could be seen behind him just off on the side-stage. They must have been fans who won some sort of contest. They were smiling giddily and bopping to the beat, but the cameras they were using were dead giveaways that they weren’t with the crew. Nevertheless, I tried to use thier camera’s red focusing light as an element in a few shots. It looked cool, though I’m not sure any were quite good enough to include here. The lit EXIT sign in the background did not look cool, though, but it’s easily Photoshopped out into the inky blackness.

Everything that can go wrong from this angle in one shot. The EXIT sign is big and bright. The mic has a bad shadow on Springfied's face. And even at ISO 3200 and a shutter speed of 1/200th of a second, the whole thing is blurry. At ISO 4000 and 1/250th, maybe it would have worked.

I spent the first few songs down in front to the right, before retreating back up the side aisle and eventually over to the left side of the stage, where I had never shot from before. I considered going up to the balcony for an overhead shot, but stayed put downstairs for the rest of the night, instead. Because Springfield walked out into the crowd and did his audience participation bit from that side of the stage, I got lucky.

More pictures after the break:

Rick Springfield at the Bergen PAC, October 2011
Rick Springfield at the Bergen PAC, October 2011

Rick Springfield at Bergen PAC

Did I mention the sea of cameras and camera phones recording the concert?

Rick Springfield at the Bergen PAC, October 2011

300mm, f/5.6, ISO 4000, 1/160th second

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