On Blog Retirement and Sky High Photography

Is this the ultimate photo gig, or the scariest? As a follow-up, here’s an interview with the photographer who got to spend five days working on the 73rd and 74th floor of the new World Trade Tower, for a New York Times story.

Yeah, I’d probably just be scared spitless.  But the pics would be AWESOME.

* Kirk Tuck announced that he’s putting his blog, The Visual Science Lab, into retirement.

We had a good run.  Now I’m turning my attention back to where it should have been all along:  How to re-invent what I do to make it fun and sustaining for my family.

I’m done spending time creating content for free.  It’s a great way to make friends I never get to meet.  […]

I’m keeping the VSL blog site open because people seem to be coming more and more to also read the older articles I’ve written.  I intend to drop by from time to time to toss in something I think is important but the era of daily posts, equipment reviews and the wide open embrace of anonymous barbs and arrows has come to an end.

Let’s all wish Kirk luck in his business reinvention and on-going photographic pursuits.  The VSL has been a must-read blog for me in the past few months since I discovered its existence.  I’ll miss the daily entries, but I understand why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Posting has slowed down on this blog recently, but it’s not for the same reason.  I’ve just been too busy with other pursuits, including home life, some computer programming, and the insanely busy month that has been comics.

I like posting to this blog, though.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  The fact that I can so easily post something relatively quickly is a big draw for me.  I like the idea that I’ve DONE something.  I haven’t taken pictures for the sake of taking pictures, I’ve pushed them out to a public place for all the world to see and critique.  It’s those little victories that keep me going.  Plus, I just like creating things.  Yes, I can do a linkblog, which is part of what this very post started out as, but it’s much more fulfilling when I add something new to the conversation, even if in a small meta sort of way.

So, anyway, sorry I’ve been so quiet lately.  I’m not retiring from photoblogging. . And we all look forward to Kirk Tuck’s return some day.
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