Official Photographer? Ugh

Here’s another picture from the mini-marathon this weekend.

This is during the awards ceremony after the marathon.  The man on the right in the white shirt was taking everyone’s picture as they came up on the stage to get their recognition.  It was high noon.  The sun washed out any chance you’d have to see the LCD screen on the back of your camera.  I had to shade the screen furiously to barely make out the histogram to see if I was even in the ballpark of a good exposure.

And here’s the official photographer, holding his DSLR out at arm’s length, using Live View to get official photographs.

Rock and Roll Mini Marathon, Philadelphia 2011

Maybe he’s a warm body, a volunteer with the organization who was given the camera at the last minute and asked to shoot the event. Maybe there’s an excuse for this.  He was on stage in the shade, so he probably could see the LCD, but still — would you hire a photographer for your event who shot it with the SLR at arm’s length?  Or, better, wouldn’t you spend the last few dollars in the budget to hire someone with experience shooting event photography?

I’m available next year, Philly!

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