Fun Ways to Wake Up: #217 in a series

Handheld and heavily cropped, 300mm, f/5.6, ISO 640 at 1/2000"

The sound of helicopters overhead.  We had local CBS and FOX affiliates flying the helicopters less than a quarter mile away.  I could hear a third, but couldn’t find it behind the tree line.

A house blew up after Hurricane Irene flooded the residents out in the days before. Sounds like it was a gas line issue, and everyone around there had already evacuated the area, so no people were injured.

I slept through the explosion, but enjoyed the soft whirring of the helicopters accompanying my morning ablutions.

Yes, if I had the time to mount the lens to a tripod, I’d have slowed the shutter speed down to blur the blades and put the copter into motion.  Shooting handheld, though, I took what I could get, zoomed all the way in, and cropped heavily.  The sky really was this blue and clear, though.

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