Delays and Hard Drives

It finally happened to me this week where I ran out of hard drive space.  It’s something that’s been creeping up on me with increasing speed in recent months, but hit a head this week.  I have the space, but it needs to be reallocated. I have four bare hard drives here, some with redundant data, some with drive partitions that make no sense for my current computer usage.

So I picked up a second hard drive toaster to plug-and-play my drives with, and am busy this weekend pushing data around, making a backup, and reorganizing my Lightroom collection. I know LR is built to handle such things, but I can’t stand my main catalog being on three separate drives.  I need to condense that somehow.

I’ll be losing lots of time with that.

In the meantime, here’s a quick preview from last night’s concert of Randolph, NJ’s favorite sons, Such Is Life:

Such Is Life

85mm f/1.8 at ISO 2500 for 1/200th

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