Going Back to Mexicali…

Last month, I photographed Jake Shimabukuro at the Mexicali Live club in Teaneck, NJ.  On Thursday, I return to shoot three unsigned acts.  And, because we’re living in the future, I got their OKs to shoot the show in three different ways: Twitter, Facebook, and email.

And if you click through to their websites, you’ll see why I get the feeling that I’ll be the oldest person in the room. 😉

This will be a different kind of concert for a couple reasons. First, I get the feeling there won’t be much seating here.  This will be a general admission/standing room only type of club affair.  Second, it’s much younger than the other acts that I’ve shot this year.  It’s not just a bunch of graying white guys singing.  I’m shooting mostly teenagers here.

I’m looking forward to shooting something new.

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