Photo Notes: 03 August 2011

* Time to break out the crazy, with  I laughed until I cried, then I felt a little embarrassed for the bad photographers, and then I realized they’re bad photographers so they deserve it, and then I feel guilty for such arrogance, and then I realize I know how to shoot in Manual Exposure mode and don’t need Photoshop and spot coloring to save my pictures.  So I laugh some more.

The Smurfette photo shoot. Awesome.

*PetaPixel has a great writeup of the famous “Migrant Mother” photograph, showing four of the other shots the photographer took at the time. Also, check out the photo editing done in the original photo at the bottom of the article.

* I’ve never gotten vertigo from a picture. Until now. “Rooftopping” is the practice of going to the top of tall buildings in a city, leaning over the edge, and taking a picture.

Not for me.

But pretty cool perspective.  I hope superhero artists see this page.

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