Wiggles 2011: The Unending Joys of Photo Passes

I was unsuccessful in lining up a photo pass for the show. Believe it or not, the official policy of The Wiggles is that they encourage amateur photography from the seats, and probably don’t need to bother with anything else.

I was jealous of this guy:

Camera guy at the Wiggles concert on the soundboard

He was a professional. He stood at the soundboard for the first half of the concert or so with his Canon L lens on a tripod and had a straight on shot over the crowd. I’d love to know his settings and how his pictures came out.

My photo pass request got forwarded from Wiggles Central in Australia to their p.r. firm in the States. The funny thing about this p.r. firm is that they have a Twitter feed with daily tips on proper p.r. My favorite?

“Always respond to emails! The sooner you write back, the better you look.”

They never returned my email. They didn’t respond to the first one which came from Wiggles Central (technically, their client!), nor did they respond to the one I followed up directly with the next day.

Ringo the Ringmaster

The funny thing is, their office is about 10 minutes from where I work. Not that I would have gone to knock down their door on my lunch hour last week or anything, but the thought crossed my mind for one shameful nanosecond. 😉

After the break: Lots of pics and the wrap-up!

Back to the show: Tickets to the concert all carried the warning: “No video or audio recording.” That definitely leaves still photography open, which is why I shamelessly walked through the front doors with my SLR strapped across my shoulder. Every other mother in the place was recording video on their smart phones, though. Every once in a while I’d take the camera away from my face and scan the crowd and be blinded by the lights of the phones busy recording away.

Wiggles Anthony attempts to eat cake

Anthony likes fruit salad, but also has a penchant for birthday cake!

At one point in the concert, Anthony even said, “Make sure this goes up on Facebook, and YouTube, and everywhere else…” So I’m guessing the band isn’t too worried about video. In retrospect, I wish I had recorded a song on the camera’s video mode, but I’m too much of a rules follower for that.

And I think that’s about it for the Wiggles this year.  Didn’t get too many great pics. And I want to move on to talking about Huey Lewis and the news, anyway.  Here’s a few more pics first:

Anthony from The Wiggles along with Wags the Dog

Karate Kid Anthony and Wags the Dog

Sam waves goodbye at the end of the show

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