Wiggles 2011: Preview

Going to be a busy week, but we’ll try to get a couple posts up about this show during the week. The lesson learned at this concert? Sometimes, the stage lights are pure evil. More on that to come. But here’s a couple of quick looks at the fun and games of the show:

Wiggles 2011 at IZOD Center, East Rutherford, NJ

Murray plays guitar.

Wiggles 2011 from IZOD Center, East Rutherford, NJ

Captain Feathersword celebrates the Wiggles' 20th anniversary

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2 Responses to Wiggles 2011: Preview

  1. Frank Frohlich says:

    Do you have any pictures from the 4:00 show?

  2. Unfortunately, no. While I tried to get a photo pass for the 4:00 show, I never heard back from the p.r. firm who took the request.

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