Jasmine Star: Concert Photographer?

(The following is a work of loving parody. Really. I have nothing against Jasmine Star. Love those images on her blog. Great sense of light. Fun personality. Terrific CreativeLive classes. But, well, I thought this might be funny…)

The first time Jake S. held the ukulele, he knew it was right for him. While the sun of Hawaii and the luscious waves that lapped upon its shores called to him to be a part of the great outdoors, Jake couldn’t ignore the musical calling of his native land.

The ukulele was to be his.

Oh, but it wasn’t just “Tiny Bubbles” and traditional music. No, Jake felt compelled to do something more. To stand out. To make his name. And so he took to the ukulele in the way few ever have. He wanted it to be his rock star instrument.

The ukulele molded itself to his fingers in countless hours of practice. The two merged, as if to become one. It was inevitable that the two would someday find themselves engaged on the stage, entertaining hundreds to the cover tunes of “Bohemenian Rhapsody” and “Hallelujah.”

Jake, Ukulele: I’m so glad I could be there at the Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ to capture your special day. I was honored. It was an hour of pure smiles, and I hope we can do it again someday soon. We arranged for this shoot without ever having met or talked, but I feel like I know you know now. We’re friends. I’m only sorry Polo wasn’t there to see it all.

Taseteful lighting provided by the always-fabulous Mexicali Live crew.

Jake Shimabukuro plays ukulele in Teaneck, NJ


Jake looking so good I had to shorten a word to express myself monosyllabically, if that's even a word

Any more smiley and I couldn’t stand it!

Jake Shimabukuro still playing ukulele in Teaneck, NJ

Disses to mic stands that get in the way.

Jake Shimabukuro hides behind the mic stand

Kisses to ukulele players who aren’t afraid to rock out.

Shimabukuro rocks out at Mexicali Live

Here’s a shot J.D. got from the other side of the stage while holding my bags.

That ukulele guy on stage, in black and white

All images copyright 2011 Augie De Blieck Jr.  Don’t steal.  Stealing makes Todd Owyoung sad.

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