Another Round of Kelby Training, with Jay Maisel

Last night, I signed up for a month’s worth of access to (I last talked about the site in January.) It’s been a few months since last I subscribed, so I figured enough new classes had piled up to justify it. Also, given the class warfare and vitriole aimed at Jay Maisel across the web yesterday, I was doubly excited to watch “Another Day With Jay Maisel.” I’m quite the contrarian that way.

I’m looking forward to Larry Becker’s introduction to Photoshop Elements 9, in particular, as the next OS X update will kill my older version of Photoshop CS once and for all. I’ve been playing with PSE9 since Christmas time, but haven’t fully committed to it. It’s time.

There’s a second Jeremy Cowart class in there to watch, two or three new Joe McNally classes most likely, and more I’ll find when I dig down. RC Concepcion has a class on using WordPress for blogging that might have a couple of useful chapters in it for me. I might even rewatch the concert photography class for inspiration.

I’ll try to do some reviews as I go along.

First impressions on “Another Day with Jay Maisel”: This one feels like a documentary that’s been produced, rather than the initial video’s tag-along video nature. Between the simple piano music bed and the harsh black and white look, this one feels more filmic, if you know what I mean. Was everything overexposed due to the cloudless sky that day and only black and white could save it? It felt weird that the first chapter of the film was about color, shot entirely in black and white, save the inserted pictures. Struck me as odd. It works just fine, but I’d be curious how much of it was an artistic choice, and how much was “saved in post.”

No matter, if you liked the first class (as I did), you’ll enjoy this second one. Maisel is as crotchety as ever while being quick with a one-liner, and Scott Kelby does a good job keeping the discussion moving, asking pertinent questions, and bringing more out of Maisel than a solo video otherwise would. Plus, the first twenty minutes alone will get you thinking about the use of color and lines in photography and how to do street photography with a smile on your face.

By the way, do yourself a favor and watch the video of TWIT Photo with guest Scott Kelby from a couple of weeks back. At first, it’s a bit odd to see Kelby Skyped in on video and switching between two cameras. Then, about halfway through the show, he pulls off a trick and utterly destroys (in a good way) Leo Laporte and Catherine Hall. It was hilarious. He hijacks the podcast and upstages it all at once. I loved it.

So, yeah, for the next month, I’ll be spending every spare moment at, getting my twenty-five bucks’ worth. I look forward to it, and I’ll keep you updated.

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