Brian Wilson 4: Two Things I Wish I Did Differently

I wish I did change lenses. I could have used the 70-300mm to get close-up shots of Wilson, instead of the half- or three-quarter-length shots of him that I wound up with. I might have been able to use the 28mm lens for some more group shots, to at least get the three keyboardists together on stage.

One of the keyboardists.  Is "keyboardist" a word?

And I wish I had switched sides of the stage. Somewhere during the second song, I looked up and all the other photographers had switched over to the right. I was taller than all of them. I could have switched and made shots from behind them without an issue. The biggest reason to switch, though, was that the lead guitarist was over there and they had an uninterrupted shot of him. I tried taking a few steps back away from the stage to shoot all the way across for him, but it didn’t work. There was always something in the way. So I missed his guitar solo during the second or third song. (I forget which.)

I didn’t do either because I think I was afraid of losing time. They started the show with Beach Boys/50s songs. Those are short. And, unlike Steve Martin, they weren’t spending time between songs talking and joking around. In fact, checking my memory card afterwards, I could see that I had all of nine minutes from the time Wilson came on stage until the three songs were over. I took nearly 300 pictures.

I did immediately put the lens cap on my camera as when the third song ended, and started to walk away.  Security was already walking down to scoop the photographers out, so I was glad I did.  One photographer who switched sides left his camera bag on the left side, which I thought was odd.  (And very trusting.)  Security picked that up until he came over for it, I suppose.

When I got to the back of the theater, I saw the other photographer I had talked to at the beginning of the day with his camera out taking a shot of the whole stage.  I thought it was a great idea, so I copied it.  Got two shots off before security came up next to me, as I expected they would, and gave me the hand across the throat motion to indicate I was done.  I nodded and walked out.

Brian Wilson Band at the Wellmont Theater, Montclair, NJ

Count the percussionists in this picture...

The picture didn’t come out so great, but I did what I could in Lightroom so I could show it here.  And, as you can see, there were two percussionists on stage.  I bet the other photographers got those shots. ::sigh::

Tomorrow: The Wrap Up

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