Next Week: Brian Wilson at the Wellmont Theater

Brian Wilson at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ

Canon 60D, 85mm f/1.8, 1/500th second at ISO 2500

I hope you like this picture.  I’ve got roughly 200 others just like it. Next week, I’ll explain what I mean by that, how shooting this concert made me feel like a high school freshman all over again, and how lights are more than just colors.

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2 Responses to Next Week: Brian Wilson at the Wellmont Theater

  1. Zach Gray says:

    How awkward is it to read your interview introduction the guests you have on your show while recording? This awkward.

    (How awkward to leave this on someones blog, eh?)

  2. augiedb says:

    Even more awkward that we’re talking about it in the comments to the next blog entry. My front page design probably stinks and the “comments” link is probably in the wrong spot.

    Don’t mind me — I’m socially awkward. If someone did a video interview with me like that I’d be shifting in my seat. You guys are pros.

    I also did a podcast for five years. On the odd occasions where I did interviews, I always did an introduction in post and then cut right into the interview. Gets rid of all the “Hello How Are You” small talk that’s faked in the beginning, because everyone knows you were chatting before the record button was hit.

    So maybe I’m projecting.

    But, hey, loved the PhotoVision videos! =)

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