The Fun of Attempting to be a Concert Photographer

The real work in concert photographer isn’t the 10 – 15 minutes you get to spend at a show after a drive to the venue that’s twice as long. No, the fun is keeping your chin up during the constant stream of rejections, and just trying to figure out who to email to make a photo pass request.

* I just ran across an artist whose concert I’m hoping to shoot later in the month whose management company’s website is in shambles, complete with a MARQUEE tag. It was just never finished. The worst part of it is that the site’s been hacked. When you bring up the source code, you find dozens of hidden links to spammy things.

* I got rejected by a cover band.

* I was turned down by Weird Al’s people. I know I shouldn’t take any of this personally, but c’mon! I think I still have my cassette tape of “Fat” somewhere at my parents’ house. Who else would want to photograph the thing? Let me in!

* At least he replied. I have a half dozen others who never did.

* One band only has photo passes for journalists on assignment. Assigning myself that concert for my own website wasn’t enough.

Still, I plug on. I knew getting into this that it wouldn’t always be easy, but it still shocks me how difficult some of these artists make it to find a contact for the press. Some display it on their Facebook page in the Info section, others have a “Contact” section of their website. Others who were last really popular in the 1980s are still getting over the shock of digital cameras and websites not hosted by Geocities.

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