Steve Martin/Steep Canyon Rangers: Be Nice to the Crowd (Part 4)

Steve Martin Strikes a Pose

One of the reasons they like to stick photographers at the soundboard is to keep them out of the way. The paying customers don’t deserve to have their nights ruined by some lunatic with a camera running all around and getting in people’s way, obstructing views, and being a nuisance.

So, wear black. Lots of it. Pretend you’re a stage hand. In a darkened theater, it’ll minimize your visibility.

The other thing I was careful about was my timing on the trigger. DSLRs aren’t quiet. The sound the mirror makes when it flips up to take a picture can be really loud in a quiet room. When the band is playing, the mirror flap sound is drowned out pretty good. But when you have a lead singer/comedian talking to the crowd, the sound of your mirror flapping echoes in your head and you wonder how many people it’s bothering. That’s why I concentrated on taking pictures after the punchline was delivered and the crowd was laughing. It’s also where I learned that some of the genius of Martin’s comedy is that he’s not always predictable. You think he’s still working on the set-up of the joke and the punchline just slipped right in. Start firing, quick, before the crowd recovers!

Steve Martin takes a seat

I also moved back and forth in the positions I took. I had a little latitude (10 – 15 feet), and so I took it. I didn’t want to keep firing pictures right next to the same person for the entire 15 minutes. That would have bothered them, and I know I wouldn’t have liked it if I had paid for a ticket to a concert.

One thing that puzzled me as I shot, though, was the speed of my camera. The burst rate seemed slow, but I blamed it on a high ISO and the noise reduction feature happening in the camera.  (I believe I had it set on low for high ISO in the settings.)  I realized after the show that the problem was mine — I had it switched to burst mode instead of high speed burst mode.  I was only getting about half as many pics per second as the camera was capable of taking, at top speed.  Whoops.

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