My First Time Lapse

Recently, I picked up an intervelometer — one of those doohickies you can plug into your camera and set up long exposures or delayed photos or photos at regular intervals.  I bought it to (a) act a wired remote for my camera, and (b) to create time lapse movies.

Last night, for the first time, I tested it out.  I placed my camera on a table on the back patio, and used the articulated lens to line up my shot right.  I shot in Manual mode and took a new picture every 5 seconds just for just under five minutes.

I imported those 90 or so files into Lightroom. I did all my color corrections and editing to one photo and synced the rest up to that one.  I exported them all to a directory, adding my watermark along the way.

I then brought those JPGs into iMovie ’11, made sure each clip ran .1s and didn’t do any Ken Burns effects, and then shared the result to YouTube.

This is what I got:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Wish I could explain the awful first few seconds with all those problems, but I can’t.

What did I learn? For starters, when using a wide angle lens, stand far back. My head makes a cameo on a couple frames halfway through the movie.

Also, that the QuickTime that comes bundled with OS X these days doesn’t do the File -> Import Sequence trick all the Google searches would have you believe it does.  I need to learn to speed up the videos, because this is a little choppy and slow.  And for as popular as time lapse photography is these days, there are no good tutorials that I’ve found to explain how to do any time lapse other than the kind where you open up your webcam and let a program handle the rest.

Lots to learn, that’s for sure…

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