Lots of Links

I’ve been collecting these this week, so let’s have at it:

* Your photography sucks. And so does mine. Amen, brother.

* Here are three words I never would have looked twice at a year ago: Automate your slider. Now, it’s the cheaper way to make very cool timelapse photos.

* Back in the day, you couldn’t bring a flash into the water with you. You still can’t, really, but back then they had easier ways to shine light into the ocean: EXPLOSIVES!

* Nicolesy has a great example of how f-stop affects depth of field. She explains why she puts so much distance between the background and the object she’s focusing on, and then the object and her camera. You don’t realize how soft f/4 is until you see it next to f/5.6 and f/11.

* How to capture starbursts in your photo. Use f/22. I mean, I KNEW that, but the pictures and further tips in the blog posting are nice to read. I tried to make a starburst in a picture of my daughter tonight, but she ran too fast. It’s tough to pose a two year old…

* The myth of shooting at f/1.4 always being best.

* While I’m bumming links from The Online Photographer blog, how about a look at the Epson 3880 printer, now available for less than a grand? I’d love to be able to print out my own 8 x 10s and 16 x 20s, but somehow, I doubt there’s room in the budget for this thing. Pity.

* Amazing: Robert Capa was the photographer on the scene during the Omaha Beach invasion of World War II. He took over 100 pictures that day. And the photo processor guy accidentally destroyed 90% of them. Yikes!

* Under the title of “Hard Core Photographer” comes the Sunrise Portrait Photographer.

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