My Daughter, the D.P.

My daughter sat on the Easter Bunny’s lap at the mall yesterday.  No doubt this was helped by the Princess doll we promised her down the hall at the Disney Store if she sat still for the picture. 

Hey, bribery is a parental right!

The photo set-up was simple.  The photograper stood directly in front of the Bunny and child, with a 24″ softbox modding a strobe light directly above by a few inches.  The good news is, the light was softer than it would have been without the small softbox.  The bad news is, the light was on axis.

My daughter sat facing the camera, then turned her head to the left and looked back towards the camera.  Her little impish smile effectively turned flat lighting into something dimensional on her face.  It became broad light.  She’s a genius!

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