Time Lapse Photography

I picked up a cheap intervelometer from Hong Kong this week.  I plan on using it with my old Canon XTi body.  Think I’ll start with some tests of clouds floating past the house over the weekend, if the weather cooperates.  I’ll think of something.

But for those who’ve done this kind of stuff before, what tips or tricks do you have?  I get the general idea: Take 1 pic every x seconds and then bring it into QuickTime and make the series of images into a movie.

But what value do I use for x?  I’m sure this is just stuff to experiment with and learn from, but are there any less-than-obvious tricks?  Are slow exposures better because they blur a little and make movement look more real?  Is there a rule of thumb for frequency of shot leading to length of movie or pace of movement?  Assuming I’m not planning on doing something crazy like HDR time lapse, should I just stick with JPG?  (Yes, I know to set everything manually, including white balance.  That reminds me of shooting panoramas.)

Any tips?  Links to tutorials?

I don’t have an automated slider or anything, so I won’t be doing anything this cool, but I like this one:

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