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I have an iPhone 3GS that won’t be upgraded until the iPhone 5 comes out.  Rumors that the new model won’t be released until the fall are, thus, heart-breaking for me.  I’m dying to upgrade my phone’s camera.  I’ve taken thousands of pictures with the iPhone, but they’re mostly crappy.  Even a picture which is well lit and features a static object winds up looking grainy, washed out, and soft. 

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.  Instead, let’s talk about my favorite camera apps. Every photoblogger needs a post like this, right?

PhotoGene: This one is still the top image editor in my mind.  I’ve tried a couple of others, but nothing matches how easy and clean PhotoGene is.  It’s not perfect and it’s occasionally frustrating, but everything else is worse.  And it still has enough power to clean up my iPhone images.

TrueHDR: I already did a long writeup comparing TrueHDR to ProHDR, but I keep going back to this one.  It lacks the extra fine controls, but it’s super easy to use and its default tonemapping does the trick for me when I need it.

Facebook: I share family images on Facebook, so I guess it qualifies as a photo app.  I have the Flickr app, but only rarely use it when I’m searching for an image. (Sorry, but please don’t ask to be my friend. I use it strictly for real world relationships.  Eventually, I’ll have a “fan” page for AugieShoots and I’ll let the world know to friend me then. Thanks.)

Twitter: Along the same lines, the constant stream of information and links found on Twitter blows my mind.  Daily.  Follow me at @augieshoots

Sunrise & Set: When you need to know the time for a sunrise or a sunset, this is simple to use.

SkySafari: When you need to find the moon, here’s where you can go.

Apps I have, but don’t use even though I know I probably should:

GeoLogTag: I don’t have a GPS device to attach to the camera, but I have an iPhone, and this app will create the file necessary to sync my images up with later on.  It produces workable files, but I’ve only used it once seriously.  I forgot it was running and it used up all my battery power and crashed the phone.  Whoops.

App I’ll never ever use because it bothers me everytime I see the url:  Ditto any photo-sharing service that offers filters to make my images look like pieces of crap.

Camera+, 100 Cameras In One, and Best Camera are apps I’ve all tried, and quickly dispensed with. I don’t find filter apps to be much fun, thanks.

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