Three Friday Links

Things from around the blogosphere that I wanted to share curate:

* Kirk Tuck is my favorite Grumpy Old Man Photographer. Just when you might think you have this social photography thing licked, he’ll come along and kick you in the butt for even thinking you needed to be social. Check out his blog post today for some salient points.

He brings up one point that hits home for me. He talks about how the explosion of photography blogs and social networks over the last couple of years have made repeating the successes of earlier bloggers very difficult. I write a weekly commentary and review column for another industry that’s fairly well known. But I also started it years before the entire industry moved on-line. I was considered one of the early movers. If I tried starting the column today, would anyone care or pay any attention to what I write? I’m not so sure.

Yet, here I am photo-blogging in the middle of a “crush.”

And then I hear Trey Ratcliffe on This Week in Photo talking about how nobody pays any attention to your blog for its first two years and I feel so lonely.

(By the way, do listen to that interview with Ratcliffe. It’s in the most recent show. He talks about his business in more detail there than I’ve ever heard him talk. Interesting stuff.)

* The $700 price point puts its purchase beyond the pale for me, but darn it if an 8-16mm lens wouldn’t be a glorious thing to use. I have a Tamron 17-35mm that does the trick for me right now, but I’d really like to go even wider. offers a review. I haven’t viewed the video yet, but it looks like Kerry has invested in a green screen…

* Scott Bourne’s on a trip to photograph bald eagles in Alaska. He’s charting his progress over at I love these sorts of travelogues, if only because they’re adventures I’ll never have, myself.

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