Photographic Five #8: Off Camera Lighting Secrets

5 Secrets of Off-Camera Lighting

* Only take pictures outside during the day.  The sun is your off-camera flash.  What more do you need?

* Photoshopping out Red Eye in post is easier and cheaper than the cost of those Pocket Wizards.

* Cheaper triggers will result in less reliable flashes.  Use this to keep your subject on his or her toes.  If they just never know which press of the shutter will result in a flash, their uneasiness will result in a picture unlike those stiff posed catalog shots.

* Cheaper flashes give off light of an unreliable color.  Because, really, like you can tell the difference between 5500 Kelvin and 5650 Kelvin.  And who the hell is this Kelvin guy, anyway?  I’m on Team Tesla!  Or is it Team Fermi?  I get confused.

* The difference between a coiled cord and a straight cord is the difference between fusilli and spaghetti.

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