“What do you do?”

I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought about it too hard before. I am a photography blogger, I suppose, just because of the site you’ve landed on here.

I have been paid for my photography on a couple of occasions. Those would be classified as “event photography” sessions, I imagine.

But what is my focus in photography? Nature, landscape, children, family, macro, portrait, concert, event, photojournalism? In one sense or another, I’ve done all of those in the last three years.

The leap that most take once they learn about your hobby of any sort is, “How do you plan on making money from it?”

Why is that? Are we that obsessed with money that anything that’s done for fun or the love of it can only have a financial ulterior motive? Don’t get me wrong — I’ve enjoyed the couple of paying gigs I’ve had and want to do more. I want my hobby to pay for itself, and photography is NOT a cheap hobby.

I don’t plan on retiring a professional photographer. I know that the only way I could even make a living as a photographer would be to quit my day job and do nothing but market myself for the next five years. Maybe THEN I could reach the promised land of photographic nirvana?

Except I have a two year old at home, a wife, and a mortgage payment. I can’t afford to take that leap.

(Insert stock photography image of a man pulling his pockets inside out from his pants. Bonus points if he’s shrugging at the same time. Triple bonus if he has a funny look on his face.)

So photography is a nice hobby, though it does bother me that I’m not obsessively focused on a single topic. I think it hurts this blog, too. Think about the top photography blogs you read. What do they have in common? A strong personality and a laser focus. I’m not sure I have either, yet, though the Photographic 5s might help define things a bit. Does the world want a photography humor blog? Isn’t “What the Duck?” enough?

This blog is in its infancy. Give it time and let’s see where it goes. I’m exploring a bit of concert photography this year. Maybe that’s the story of this blog for 2011.

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