Better Penguins

Something bothered me about yesterday’s penguin picture, and it took me until a fresh look at it tonight to figure out what that was: There’s too much stuff around the edges. The penguins are the focus of the picture, and should be to the exclusion of all else.  It was time for a tighter crop.

Penguins with a Closer Crop

This does two things: First, it concentrates on only the penguins.  The environment is secondary.  Second, it highlights the smaller penguins on the lower shelf in a way I hadn’t seen before I cropped down.  They look like little Lemmings, all lined up and ready to go, but each with a slightly different personality.

Sure, maybe I’ve been looking at this picture and am starting to see things, but I like it more this way. It’s a bit of a jumble up at the top, but I had to cut off the back row of penguins, because otherwise you added more elements to the picture that were distracting.

What do you think?  Is this one better?

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