Photographic Five #6: Why Bokeh Rules!

Five Reasons Bokeh Rules!

  • Your background sucks, so make it unintelligible in the picture. They’ll never know. If you think they might know, push it further. Think an f/1.2 lens.
  • Nevermind that 90% of the foreground that isn’t in focus SHOULD BE, take a look at how those street lamps look like rounded-off octagons!
  • It shows off your low-f/stop lens. Isn’t that what fancy gear is for?
  • May cause epileptic seizures in your enemies, particularly if used in video mode.
  • Quit faking it. Everyone knows that’s a $100 50mm f/1.8. Try using f/8 someday and stopping the action in low light conditions. THEN I’ll be impressed!
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