Buying New Gear to Make You a Better Photographer

You know how everyone talks about how gear isn’t the only thing? I think that mantra has become so overstated that it leaves out the things that new gear CAN give you. Take this, for example, originally posted at a year and a half ago.

After about eight months of photography, I found myself getting a little tired. I needed something new to rejuvenate my interest. Having listened to podcasts and read all the websites for more than a year at that point, I felt like I was just getting the same information over and over and over again. (It’s even worse with photography magazines.)

So I bought a flash. The Canon 430 EX II flash. It’s not the top of the line model, mostly because it was $100 cheaper. But it’s changed how I look at my photography. I see the light more now. I take better indoor pictures. I experiment with off-camera lighting. I even got a paid gig once doing indoor photography that came out half-decent BECAUSE I had that flash. Without it, everything would have been blurry (slow shutter speed), grainy (high ISO), or dark (not enough light).

The flash isn’t a heck of a lot of use when I’m outside taking pics of birds off in the distance or of landscapes, but for everything else it’s a wonderful thing.

So if you’re getting bored or tired with your photography, try something new. Whether it’s a new lens, or a flash, or a computer program to organize/edit your pics, give it a shot. It’s relatively easy — if not always cheap — to breathe new life into your hobby.

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