The rest of the header image

The current header image at the top of this page as it stands today is an excerpt from this larger image:

28mm, f/10, 1/400th of a second, ISO 200

The colors are rich and vibrant here, aren’t they?  (That sounds like Gordon Ramsey sampling a dish with which he’s pleased, doesn’t it?)  They’re not all together real.  They’re magnified with the saturation or vibrancy slider in Lightroom.  But not by much.  I intentionally underexposed the image when I took it.  Doing so helps saturate the colors in the camera.

In reality, the colors were there, but they only looked this golden yellow and this blue if you kinda squinted your eyes and imagined it like that.  The reality was a little more plain. And, of course, everything on the ground was much brighter.  That’s a function of exposure, though. I didn’t expose for that stuff, so it’s naturally hidden by the limitations of the camera. Fair game.  I do like the little rim lights on the cars from the sunset, though.

And, yes, this pic was shot through the windshield, while stopped at a red light.

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