Follow Friday 04 February 2011

Follow Friday? Again?!? Oh, why not:

* Jason Wilder ( @IShotYourBand ) is, not surprisingly, a concert photographer. I found him on Todd Owyoung’s Flickr concert photography group. (Join it before Flickr accidentally deletes it!) Check out his website for a deep list of acts he’s shot. The number of shots for each event could use a heavy pruning, but it’s good to see how another concert photographer works his angles.

* @TheFlashBus is the cross-country tour that Joe McNally ( @JoeMcNallyPhoto ) and David Hobby ( @strobist ) are undertaking, with dozens of day-long seminars being held along the way. One is even coming near me to New York City, but there’s no way I could take a day off from work to attend it. Here’s hoping they do a DVD of one of the stops at some point, at least.

* Scott Bourne ( @scottbourne ) wants to give you or one of 90,000 other people a camera this month. And another one next month. And again in April. And so on and and so on. Isn’t that enough reason to follow him? Plus, if you’re looking for someone else to follow on Twitter, look at who Scott follows. He’s not an auto-follower, so he has a much better curated list than those with 8000 more followees than tweets.

And, as always, don’t forget to be following me, @AugieShoots!

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