Follow Friday 28 January 2011

Two tech/photography bloggers, and one concert photog this week:

Terry White (@terrylwhite ) is an Adobe evangelist, and a solid gadget and photography blogger. His blog is updated daily, and his Twitter stream will keep you up to date with those posts and lots more. (Today, for example, he has the link up for the Adobe PSE9/Elements sale. Only $70!)

James Duncan Davidson (@duncan ) travels the world taking pictures, a lot for the various TED conferences. He’s also a bit of a tech guru, with a strong Ruby background. You can hear him on the Tack Sharp photography podcast, hosted by Dan Benjamin. His tweets have a lot of iPhone pics from airports and shots from takeoffs and landings. 😉

Brad Moore ( @bmoorevisuals ) is more than just Scott Kelby’s assistant, he’s also a great concert photographer, which is what interests me the most these days. He’s shot O.A.R., which is on my bucket list. (It’s a long shot, but I’m hoping to get a pass into a Meat Loaf concert next month. Meat Loaf’s publicist’s contact info has not been easy to track down. But I digress…)

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