Follow Friday 21 January 2011

One for off-camera flash, one for on-camera, one for natural light:

Does David Hobby (@strobist) need an introduction? He’s on Twitter. He lights stuff. He wrote the blog on lighting.

Neil van Niekerk (@Neil_vN) is another lighting specialist. He’s a local boy, too! (We’re going with his current residence in Wayne, NJ, and not his native South Africa here.) Neil wrote the book on on-camera flash, and also runs a blog with plenty of information on lighting and working with models and couples and more. Most excitingly, he’s recently finished a book on off-camera flash that’s due out in the spring.

Jasmine Star (@JasmineStar) is one of those overnight success stories that really did happen almost overnight. During the wedding seasons, there’s a steady stream of great photography on display from her weddings that are worth taking a look at. If you want to see what a Canon prime lens at f/1.2 or f/1.4 can do without any artificial lighting at all, check out her blog. Her second shooter and husband, JD (@jd_star), also has a Twitter account, though it’s much less active. Her dog, Apollo, is Twitterless.

(Yes, all three photographer can light things in all three methods, but these are the primary lighting types I associate with them.)

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