Nothing Floating Here

28mm prime lens, 1/6400th of a second, f/3.2, ISO 500

Last week, I went to the local part after the second snow storm of the week dumped an extra six inches of snow on top of the two feet that had landed earlier.  I learned a harsh lesson about photographing snow that day: Don’t bother.  It’s impossible to expose it AND still keep the detail in it.  It’s either drab and gray, or bright white and blown out.

Looking at the meta data now, I see a couple of things I could have done better.  For starters, I should have lowered the ISO back down to 200, and then gone with a slower shutter speed than 1/6400.  That would allow me to bump up my aperture to something that might gather more detail.

Ah, well, live and learn.

I did like this picture, just for the chuckles it gave me.  There was nothing floating on that lake behind the sign that day.  Or for the next week.  And counting…

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