I’ve Got All Your Podcast Answers

When the question and answer portion of a photography podcast comes on, I can give you the answers to all the questions before I hear them. So if you have a question you plan on sending in to one of them, don’t bother. I’ve got your answer. Choose the one that applies:

* Each has a 30 day demo. Try them both, keep what you like. Unless you’re on a PC, then it’s Lightroom.

* RAW. Unless you’re shooting fast-moving sports, then JPG.

* 50mm/24 frames per second, or 60mm/30 frames per second.

* Sound is even more important.

* It doesn’t matter. It’s only gear. Use your vision.

* It depends on your shooting style.

* Your shooting style will develop as you take more pictures.

* With today’s cameras, you can shoot up to ISO 1600 without a problem and ISO 3200 with a little noise reduction.

* Buy the most expensive tripod you can afford.

* I have a closet full of camera bags.

* Strobist.com

* Arca-Swiss tongue and groove L bracket plate system. (That’s usually Scott Bourne.)

* The closer the light, the softer. The bigger the light source, the better.

* Focus one third of the way into the scene.

* Sharpen for output.

So take that hour I just saved you and go take some pictures! No, wait, that’s not podcast-approved. Go make pictures!

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