Follow Friday 14 Jan 2011

These are the people who retweet most effectively. If you want to follow a limited number of people on Twitter and get the most information, there are some of the people you want to be following:

Jack Hollingsworth (@PhotoJack) is an Uber-Tweeter Extraordinaire. I follow no other person on Twitter who posts nearly as much. In fact, I’d likely unsubscribe anyone who posts as often as PhotoJack does. The difference is, his tweets are filled with interesting links, information, and polls. It’s a must read for your daily photographic, social media, and business hints and tips. You’ll find new sites you’ll immediately add to your feed reader, too, I bet.

Craft & Vision (@CraftAndVision) is another great follow for tons of links. Not quite as prolific as PhotoJack, but always teeming with good links and information. The twitter feed is ostensibly there to promote the line of eBooks put out by Craft & Vision, but it’s a lot more than just that. Most of the links will shy away from the gear and lean more towards the vision, but I like it, anyway. 😉

Ibarionex Perello (@ibarionex) does the Candid Frame podcast, a series of interviews with photographers about their craft, their projects, their worldviews, but never their gear. He also tweets a solid round-up of interesting links on a daily basis. And, he wears a hat convincingly! His book on using natural light in your photography is due out in April, and I enjoyed his instructional lighting DVD.

As always, I’m on Twitter @AugieShoots

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