Around the Web, 13 January 2011

  • Terry White explains his storage set-up, including his backup strategy. This immediately made me feel guilty for the mess my files are in right now, and how badly they need to be cleaned up.
  • Using long lenses for landscapes. Beautiful pictures. The lesson is simple: Use the good gear and use it well.
  • The guy who stole an AP photo to create the Obama “Hope” poster not only gets away with it, he’s getting a job out of it and doesn’t have to admit any wrong-doing. What a country!
  • New site from the Owyoung brothers: FlashRAW. Haven’t gotten too deeply into it yet, but it seems like an attempt to make The Most Comprehensive strove-related website yet, this side of The Strobist. Seems to be leaning more in favor of gear reviews and comparisons than exhaustive education, though. That’s the big difference.
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