Follow Friday 07 Jan 2011

Each Friday, rather than do a #FF on Twitter, I do a Follow Friday bit on this blog, giving me more space to explain why each person deserves to be followed.

* @Syl_Arena wrote the book on speedliting.  Literally.  His “Speedliter’s Handbook” came out a couple of weeks ago, and it’s the ultimate manual for flash photography for the Canon user. Sure, Nikon has its pretty CLS set-up and lots of adherents to it.  But Arena stepped up and did the job for Canon shooters, with a book that might even appeal to Nikonians.  He has a blog dedicated to speedliting, as well.

* Todd Owyoung (@toddowyoung) is a concert photographer whose blog is a must-follow for anyone interested in photographing live bands, whether in a small club or an arena.  For a glimpse into the world of awesomeness that his blog provides, check out his Best of 2010 blog post to start.

* Cliff Mautner (@cliffmautner) is an amazing wedding photographer based near Philadelphia, PA.  While his blog is due shortly for an overhaul, it’s still a great place to check out beautiful wedding imagery from a guy best known for using the light from any time of the day to great effect.  His classes on come highly recommended, also.

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