Where is the old AugieShoots.com?

It’s in a zip file on my hard drive.

The original AugieShoots.com site was set up in 2009 for my 365 project. I was successful in that effort, posting a new pic every day for a year. I think I was late on one day due a technical gaffe, but otherwise I pulled it off. The project also forced me to take more pictures, and my own sense of pride/ego forced me to take different kinds of pictures and to get out and shoot more.

In 2010, the blog continued, though I never intended to make it a picture a day. I posted pictures sporadically, and found myself wanting to write more about those pictures. Unfortunately, the blogging engine I was using wasn’t meant for words. It was designed for photo galleries. It just didn’t fit what I wanted the site to become.

Why abandon those hundreds of pictures, though? Part of it is a lack of technical knowledge. Converting that site into a subsection of a new site was too much work, so I didn’t want to bother. Part of it is also the thought of doing a true Version Two of the site. Out with the old, in with the new!

Those pictures aren’t gone forever, though. They’re all archived on my Flickr account, and you’re welcome to go look at them there. They’ll also show up on the new site for various reasons. I intend to reuse them sporadically to illustrate points or just to put a fresh spotlight on them. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, welcome to The New AugieShoots.com v2.0. I hope you’ll stick around. More to come. . .

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