Resolutions for 2011

* Shoot less. With files up over 20MB a piece now, who wants to blow through hard drives storying crappy photos? I plan on learning how to shoot less: Less burst mode. Less “If I can’t get the shot I want, I’ll be happy with this crappy shot, so I’ll take this crappy picture.” Less time spent behind the computer deleting photos I knew were crap when I was taking them in the first place.

* Shoot more. I need to make more excuses to take pictures outside of just family gatherings. More events, more nature, more ANYTHING. Exercise all parts of the creative muscles, learn more about the tools in the process, have more stuff to show off and talking about in this blog.

* More band coverage. I shot two concerts in 2010. Would like to work in that area more. Shouldn’t be difficult to get access to local bar bands. It’s just a matter of getting off my butt and doing it. The trickiest part is finding time away from the family…

* Buy a good tripod and ball head. It’s about time I got a serious one.  Shooting the lunar eclipse taught me the value of a solid tripod.

* More photoblogging. That’s an easy one. I’ve rebooted this site for a reason. I want to talk exclusively photography more, and not just random posts at (which is still sticking around for everything else.)  I have tons of ideas for how to fill column space here.  It’s just a matter now of getting it done.

* Learn more video techniques. I’ve started taking little videos with my SLR.  They’re impressive.  But I’m still fumbling in the dark with the controls and my knowledge of the system.  I need to spend time learning the tips and tricks of shooting video with my Canon 60D so I get better videos of various things.  I’m going to try to incorporate video shots into my normal still picture shooting. Next time I go to the park, for example, I want to get video of the ducks playing, and not just still shots.  Most of all, I want to learn to do it without spending $1000 on more gear. THAT’S the tough part.

Happy New Year!

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