Canon 6D: Time Flies…

I originally put the Canon 6D full frame on my Amazon Wish List on November 28, 2012.

I didn’t get one that Christmas. Nor the next, or the next.

But a boy can dream, right?

Here’s the fun part. Look at how far the price has dropped in those three years. Down to $1399 from $2099 when it first came out – a full third off.

Canon 6D price listing on Amazon

It’s almost as cheap as the 60D I bought when it first came out.

I still want to upgrade to a full frame someday. I’ve just run out of copies of "The Walking Dead" #1 to fund it. 😉

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Fireworks, 2015

This year’s fireworks photos:

fireworks 2015, big burst

more fireworks, 2015

even more fireworks 2015

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The End of Concert Photography?

Is this the end of concert photography?

Might as well be…

I had fun shooting some shows a few years ago. It was an exciting process and a lot of fun on the night of the show. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. But a lack of time to devote to it meant it would never become a big enough thing to pursue, particularly in a climate where people with camera phones think they can do the same job.

Every now and then I get the itch to look at the schedules of the local venues and send out my requests and hope for the best, but I just don’t have the time. I hate that part of it.

And now, one major newspaper agrees that those iPhones can do the same job. Ugh

This article is a well-written explanation of why that is a bad idea not just for photographers, but also for newspapers and other media outlets.

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Spring Has Sprung

Flowers are blooming in the spring

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Crossing Contrails

Crossing Contrails

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Was at the beach in Santa Barbara, California last week. Lots of birds on the beach there, and they all took turns flying low overhear. Of course, that meant I had to aim my camera at them.

I’ve never gotten better bird pictures in my life. Granted, they’re about one step up from pigeons as being common birds, but I’ll take whatever practice I can get.

These were all taken with the lens I happened to have on hand, not the one that would have been best. It’s all Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8. These pics are all done at f/7.1.

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First shot of the earth from space

“250 at f/11.”

Recreating the famous pic of the earth coming up over the moon, shot from space. And then he grabs a second exposure at a different setting to be sure. It’s ridiculously amazing that they took a shot that good without an LCD display to check their work instantly. 😉

The 30 second ad you have to watch first is annoying, but still worth it to listen to this bit of history. Page down a couple times and the video should show up here.

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Stephen Jerzak Update

Just for the record, in case anyone asks, this image is Creative Commons Attribution, or CC-BY.

You know, just in case Wikipedia asks…

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Football in the Snow

When I saw the video of that Eagles game in the snow a couple of weeks ago, I wondered immediately how the photographers made out. How did they cope with the snow? Did it make for better pictures? Could their cameras even focus? Did they freeze up? Did they have enough Ziploc bags to go into the press room to send their pics out during half time?

Thankfully, one of those photographers answered most of my questions here. And, yes, he went to manual focus for the first time. In an NFL game. That’s crazy talk, but it worked.

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The Only Way to Shoot a Marathon

Backwards. On a motorcycle. With two bodies.

Of course.

From today’s New York City Marathon:

28mm, f/2.8, ISO 640, 1/1/800s

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